What Is Ethereum?

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing about the newest “altcoin” – Ethereum. I’ve read some of the hype surrounding this project and I want to share some of what I know with you.

What is Ethereum? It’s an open source project that supports a decentralized application (DApp) platform. The team behind this project believes that the “Internet of Value” will one day become the new internet.

I’ve seen Ethereum referred to as “The Facebook of Blockchains.” Is this true? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

As a computer scientist, I find the term “Crypto-currencies” a little misleading because it implies that it is the next Internet bubble. Bitcoin has nothing to do with the next Internet Bubble, so I don’t really understand why they use the term to describe Ethereum. But I’m not a financial analyst or a mathematician.

I can say that there are some interesting things going on with Ethereum. The community seems very organized. They have a website that offers an ongoing source of news and information. Many Ethereum enthusiasts are also active on Twitter and social networking sites.

In a way, this makes it feel more like a social network than a project in its own way. I’m also impressed with the marketing plan of Ethereum. They are promoting the project, its technology and its future customers.

Is the exchange rate going to skyrocket? In general, I see value in the protocol because it makes it possible for many types of applications to be created. You can expect a lot of new projects using Ethereum in the future.

You should also note that there are many team members who have signed on for development. If you are interested in working on Ethereum, I’d recommend taking a look at their website.

I’ve read some information that indicates there are a number of celebrities who are on the team. These include Greg Weston, Vitalik Buterin, Joey Krug and Eric Lombrozo. I haven’t talked to these people personally but I’m sure they are very passionate about their project.

So, will the price of Ether increase in the future? I don’t know if this will happen because it depends on how the world reacts to this project.

My advice would be to wait and see if the currency boom continues before making a big investment. The company mentioned above already has an employee base in place. I see no reason why an ICO or crowdsale won’t take place in the near future.

I think that a currency boom in Ethereum is inevitable. You can’t be too careful when considering any type of project. If you want to invest in a project that could change the future of global finance, Ethereum could be your ticket.